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Marc Taylor

I’m Marc, a current 3rd year studying for a BA (Hons) in Media and Communication; undergoing a variety of different modules including Web Design, Interactive PR, CD and DVDROM design, Digital Imagery, Public Relations, Media Photography, Editorial Photography, Television Location Studies, and theory modules Globalisation, Digital Cultures I’ve got a big graphical art background which I try to bring into all my work.

So far I worked with a variety of companies, including V2 music, Galven Ltd software designers, Storm consultancy, Logoworks, Izonedesign & dK web and new media etc etc…

To date all my work has been created in a mixture of HTML, XHTML, CSS and Actionscript, however I wish to learn more in order to make me more adaptable (and employable) within the near future. My interest during this module is the coding script of PHP, as it has been one of the main components of the Web2.0 invasion. Knowing the code, I feel is required to keep up-to-date with the fast moving industry; its ability for audiences and clients alike, to edit pages, without the need for expensive programs has changed (and will further change) the way we use and interact with computers and the internet. 

I have little knowledge in the areas of PHP and MySql at this current stage and within this module wish to research into this area in the aid to benefit me next semester when I under a huge project which require this coding ability. Also in learning the coding I feel that within future projects the knowledge will be called upon again and again, to make websites more dynamic for the clients to edit or interact with.  I am next going to research into the history and functions that PHP has to offer and look at some tutorials to help in my professional development. More info to come….  


Who I am…



I’m Marie Williams a third year student studying Media Communication at UCE in Birmingham.


 I joint the course as a broad course student but my main interest lies around new media, so I have structured my course to develop my skills in the new media environment, using design programs such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash to help me with my studies.


The main reasoning behind this blog is to brainstorm ideas both related to my second assignment where I intend on creating a “product” in flash but, I will also be using this blog to talk too and interactive with media professionals, asking them what’s going on with “Flash” in the industry and where they believe I should take my project.


I’m hoping to use this module “ Web and New Media Practice” to enhance my skills and knowledge in flash, that will both in turn help with my final year project but also when I step into the media world. I need to enhance my technical skills as they way to basic. I need to make sure that I keep a good timed diary and will be doing this by keeping a blog that I will update weekly with the progression of my second assignment.


My next steps will be looking at what kind off application, game or website I wish to produce. I will be blogging weekly with my ideas and research.


Useful web sites:


Week One blog…Kylie Gammans

Hi there,

I’m Kylie Gammans and am currently in my final year of University at UCE Birmingham studying Media and Communication.  I have a large interest into Web and New Media and base my studies around this area. I have took part in previous modules, including Interactive promotion, DVD and CDROM and Digital cultures – all of which have allowed me to have insights into different elements as to what is important in the New Media world. I have produced various products whilst studying at University including websites and interactive games. As well as this I have produced a number of products whilst taking place at work placements.

I am currently participating in the Web and New Media practice class. I have already produced two products in Flash prior to this class, both which are based on ideas of interactive games. However whilst taking part, I aim to learn more into Flash in order for me to improve on the skills I already obtain. I aim to show this improvement by making a final project in Flash. If I come across any problems whilst using Flash there are some useful links below where I can watch video tutorials and talk to others to help me through my progress:


I am currently brain storming around ideas as to what I want to create in Flash. I can research into what is happening in the world of Flash and new media today to aid me to think about what will make my idea different, creative and appealing as to what Flash professionals are interested in at the moment. The links below will allow me to research this:    


Name: Sarah Blackledge

Place of Study: Birmingham City University

Year: 3

Module: Web & New Media

Area of Study: Video on Demand (VOD)

Reason for Study: I have chosen to study the system of Video on Demand to broaden my knowledge of the ever changing technologies within the television industry. I will be able to explore how the unlimited choice of content and multiple television channels has lead to the change in technological development of how audiences access this vast amount of content. 

Useful Resources: In order for me to grasp the concept of Video on Demand and develop my understanding, I have found a website by Harindra Rajapakshe, Derek Paul Quek who discusses in depth the function of VOD which will be useful as a reference tool in the next few weeks.  In order for me to make the most of this project I have considered some important objectives that will help me to achieve the best results: Professional Objectives

  • Plan my time effectively so I follow the structure of the module on a weekly basis.
  • Interact with other students to benefit my understanding of my area of study.

 Technical Objectives

  • Attempt to use the system of Video on Demand in an innovative way to serve a different purpose than it has ever done before.
  • Integrate Video on Demand into my prototype in a simple yet sophisticated manner.
  • Be creative in the design of my prototype so that it expresses individuality and originality.

Dorota Jablonska


Well, I am Dorota:)

I am the Web and New Media student and MC635 Web and New Media Practice is my specialist production module. As part of my assignment I will contribute to this blog where I record my learning process as a new media designer. Furthermore, I will conduct various research and present them on the blog.

My postings will include:

  • Professional and technical objectives
  • Brainstorm ideas related to my second assignment
  • What employers in the new media industry are looking for
  • Interact with media professionals
  • An introduction to Flash
  • A tutorial on Flash
  • A draft proposal for my project


As my second assignment I intend to create a flash game. The game will include plenty of Action Scripts so hopefully I will manage to grasp everything and come out with some good results.

I have already created a few flash projects and I must say I have never enjoyed anything more than trying to understand this sometimes so annoying programme. That is why I look forward to these long hours when I will be sitting in front of my computer trying to make my project work.

I explored the various approaches to analysing and researching media texts, contexts, production practices, representations and audiences. Also I learned about the contextual background of the development of digital cultures and the impact that this development has had on the consumption, distribution and production of digital media. Furthermore I developed an understanding of the online music industry, and of online media delivery technologies and e-commerce, web design and planning skills. I have an understanding of arranging methods of promotion using interactive media. Also I have a good knowledge of Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver as I have produced and developed many projects utilizing those programs. I also have a good knowledge of the HTML programming language. I learned how to think creatively about online presentation, distribution of media and using interactive technologies.


I have produced various products whilst studying at University including websites and interactive projects. Furthermore, I have produced a number of products whilst taking place at work placements.


I think the module “ Web and New Media Practice” will enhance my skills and knowledge in flash, which I use to create my final project.


Website which I will be using as my resources:




Tutorials (Polish) (English) (tutorial) (tutorial) (help- Polish) (help- Polish) (Flash Tutorials and Resources)




Guillaume Piot – Web Designer

Guillaume Piot is currently running a web design and development company based in Birmingham, trading as Clownfish Design. In this blog, Guillaume will write about web technologies and practices, which contributes to the learning process of the Web & New Media Degree at U.C.E.

Topics will range from PHP and AJAX developement, to search engine optimization and online marketing.

Caroline Pace

I’m a 3rd year student studying Media and Communications, at Birmingham City Universtity (formally UCE Birmingham), specialising in Television and Film. I will use this blog in relation to my first and second assignment, and have chosen to look into the medium of television online and the new directions in which technology is allowing programmes to be viewed.

Specifically I wish to investigate Video on Demand (VoD), a method in which users can select video content allowing them to watch it in either real time or download to watch at a later date. In the UK the most prolific Video on Demand online systems are Channel 4’s 4OD and the BBC’s iPlayer.

I’m hoping that over the course of this module “Web and New Media” I will be able to develop my new media skills and steer them towards my TV and Film specialism. I intend to increase my competency at designing and creating websites and develop a greater understanding of video content on the web, something which I have yet to study. Television online is a relatively new area of the medium and I feel that being skilled and knowledgeable in this area will be an asset to my CV and future employment.

My next steps are to research the area of VoD so that I fully understand the concept, discover what applications are being used to create and view VoD and learn what the experts think about this industry.

A good source to read more and develop your understanding of the VoD system is a VoD Paper by Harindra Rajapakshe and Derek Paul Quek. To keep up with the latest news and changes I will use The Register which is tracking scientific and technological news worldwide.

Lee Aplin

My name is Lee Aplin

I am a third year Web and New Media student at UCE, Birmingham. I am 22 years old and have been studying web design for about 4 years now.

My main interest is in Online Music, and I am hoping to develop a new music application or website, which can move the field of Online Music on somehow. To begin this project I will need to expand my knowledge of Web 2.0 and PHP.

The main appeal of Web 2.0 is the highly rich interactive content which it utilises. By giving the user the opportunity to fully customise the appearance of pages on the website, the overall experience is more rewarding and personal. Websites such as Myspace and Facebook are particularly popular, and execute this interactivity very well.

My biggest inspiration for this is the online music community Last.FM, and I hope to develop something similar to this, but also innovative or different. While Last.FM is very good at showing people what music users have listened to, and linking people with similar tastes together using the Neighbour function, there are things missing from the website which I think could give scope to a competing website of similar nature. I plan to expand on these ideas in the coming weeks.

Katie Butler

Hi i’m Katie, and 20 years old.

I’m currently a third year specialist in Web and New Media at UCE, Birmingham…now known as Birmingham City University!

So far, I have taken modules such as ‘Music Online,’ ‘Interactive Promotion,’ ‘Web Design,’ and ‘Magazine & Newspaper Design,’ all of which have provided me with key specialist skills within the field.

As part of a module ‘MC635 Web & New Media Practice,’ I will be using this blog to highlight current news and relevant sources of information for an area of web that particularly interests me – Web 2.0 

Web 2.0 describes a new wave of Internet applications that aim to facilitate the sharing of information and content between web users. This could include anything from a Wiki to a social networking site such as Facebook.

Web 2.0, broadly speaking, will also form the basis of my production work within this module.

Please see:

Useful Reads:

  • Unleashing Web 2.0: From concepts to creativity by Gottfried Vossen
  • PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects by Shu-Wai Chow
  • Codin’ for the Web: A Designer’s guide to developing dynamic websites by Charles Wyke-Smith

Michelle Field – Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Michelle, I am in my 3rd year at UCE Birmingham studying Media and Communication. I am mainly interested in the web and most of my University modules have covered this area; including Digital Cultures, Interactive Promotion, DVD and CD- ROM and I am currently studying Creativity in the Media and Web and New Media Practice.  

I have become particularly interested in using Flash technology for the creation of my projects. My aim is to extend my knowledge of Flash and actionscript and perhaps even incorporate other technologies into my work (e.g. PHP). I already feel comfortable with the basics of Flash, so I wish to advance my skills. Furthermore, I would like to work on my planning skills by organising my time more efficiently. This will hopefully be achieved in my next project.  

I think that Flash Magazine on-line will provide me with a good starting point for inspiration and new features available in the world of Flash,  in particular the most recent version Flash 8. (

The following forum should also prove to be useful, , as I will be able to post any queries or problems I encounter in the production process.  It was established by theMakers Rob Reinhardt and Snow Dowd ( authors of the Flash Bible series.

My next step will be to continue looking into Flash and to gain further inspiration for a project that I can work on to fulfill my aims.

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