Caroline Pace

I’m a 3rd year student studying Media and Communications, at Birmingham City Universtity (formally UCE Birmingham), specialising in Television and Film. I will use this blog in relation to my first and second assignment, and have chosen to look into the medium of television online and the new directions in which technology is allowing programmes to be viewed.

Specifically I wish to investigate Video on Demand (VoD), a method in which users can select video content allowing them to watch it in either real time or download to watch at a later date. In the UK the most prolific Video on Demand online systems are Channel 4’s 4OD and the BBC’s iPlayer.

I’m hoping that over the course of this module “Web and New Media” I will be able to develop my new media skills and steer them towards my TV and Film specialism. I intend to increase my competency at designing and creating websites and develop a greater understanding of video content on the web, something which I have yet to study. Television online is a relatively new area of the medium and I feel that being skilled and knowledgeable in this area will be an asset to my CV and future employment.

My next steps are to research the area of VoD so that I fully understand the concept, discover what applications are being used to create and view VoD and learn what the experts think about this industry.

A good source to read more and develop your understanding of the VoD system is a VoD Paper by Harindra Rajapakshe and Derek Paul Quek. To keep up with the latest news and changes I will use The Register which is tracking scientific and technological news worldwide.

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