Dorota Jablonska


Well, I am Dorota:)

I am the Web and New Media student and MC635 Web and New Media Practice is my specialist production module. As part of my assignment I will contribute to this blog where I record my learning process as a new media designer. Furthermore, I will conduct various research and present them on the blog.

My postings will include:

  • Professional and technical objectives
  • Brainstorm ideas related to my second assignment
  • What employers in the new media industry are looking for
  • Interact with media professionals
  • An introduction to Flash
  • A tutorial on Flash
  • A draft proposal for my project


As my second assignment I intend to create a flash game. The game will include plenty of Action Scripts so hopefully I will manage to grasp everything and come out with some good results.

I have already created a few flash projects and I must say I have never enjoyed anything more than trying to understand this sometimes so annoying programme. That is why I look forward to these long hours when I will be sitting in front of my computer trying to make my project work.

I explored the various approaches to analysing and researching media texts, contexts, production practices, representations and audiences. Also I learned about the contextual background of the development of digital cultures and the impact that this development has had on the consumption, distribution and production of digital media. Furthermore I developed an understanding of the online music industry, and of online media delivery technologies and e-commerce, web design and planning skills. I have an understanding of arranging methods of promotion using interactive media. Also I have a good knowledge of Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver as I have produced and developed many projects utilizing those programs. I also have a good knowledge of the HTML programming language. I learned how to think creatively about online presentation, distribution of media and using interactive technologies.


I have produced various products whilst studying at University including websites and interactive projects. Furthermore, I have produced a number of products whilst taking place at work placements.


I think the module “ Web and New Media Practice” will enhance my skills and knowledge in flash, which I use to create my final project.


Website which I will be using as my resources:




Tutorials (Polish) (English) (tutorial) (tutorial) (help- Polish) (help- Polish) (Flash Tutorials and Resources)




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