Name: Sarah Blackledge

Place of Study: Birmingham City University

Year: 3

Module: Web & New Media

Area of Study: Video on Demand (VOD)

Reason for Study: I have chosen to study the system of Video on Demand to broaden my knowledge of the ever changing technologies within the television industry. I will be able to explore how the unlimited choice of content and multiple television channels has lead to the change in technological development of how audiences access this vast amount of content. 

Useful Resources: In order for me to grasp the concept of Video on Demand and develop my understanding, I have found a website by Harindra Rajapakshe, Derek Paul Quek who discusses in depth the function of VOD which will be useful as a reference tool in the next few weeks.  In order for me to make the most of this project I have considered some important objectives that will help me to achieve the best results: Professional Objectives

  • Plan my time effectively so I follow the structure of the module on a weekly basis.
  • Interact with other students to benefit my understanding of my area of study.

 Technical Objectives

  • Attempt to use the system of Video on Demand in an innovative way to serve a different purpose than it has ever done before.
  • Integrate Video on Demand into my prototype in a simple yet sophisticated manner.
  • Be creative in the design of my prototype so that it expresses individuality and originality.

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