Jess Garland

I’m 3rd year Media and Comms and specialising in photography. Taking Web and New media hence I’m posting here..

I’m thinking about creating a funky slideshow of pictures in flash though need to seriously develop that idea! Going to need to talk to specialists in the industry and gather some inspiration!

I want to have some sort of interactive slideshow of my work to add as a link on my website so that people can gain an immediate insight of my style and what i do. I have never viewed a photographers sight that allowed me to do this- you usually have to spend ages sifting through images to see what theyre all about..

Perhaps if I could make my Flash slidehow as a game, this would interest people more and they would see my work as they ‘played’. I have never experienced a photographers website that houses a game portfolio and perhaps this would be a good way to express myself and grab the attention of potential clients.

Need some more ideas and see whats going on out there at the moment in a more focused way but I think I have a good vague idea to build on. Bring it on…


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