Marc Taylor

I’m Marc, a current 3rd year studying for a BA (Hons) in Media and Communication; undergoing a variety of different modules including Web Design, Interactive PR, CD and DVDROM design, Digital Imagery, Public Relations, Media Photography, Editorial Photography, Television Location Studies, and theory modules Globalisation, Digital Cultures I’ve got a big graphical art background which I try to bring into all my work.

So far I worked with a variety of companies, including V2 music, Galven Ltd software designers, Storm consultancy, Logoworks, Izonedesign & dK web and new media etc etc…

To date all my work has been created in a mixture of HTML, XHTML, CSS and Actionscript, however I wish to learn more in order to make me more adaptable (and employable) within the near future. My interest during this module is the coding script of PHP, as it has been one of the main components of the Web2.0 invasion. Knowing the code, I feel is required to keep up-to-date with the fast moving industry; its ability for audiences and clients alike, to edit pages, without the need for expensive programs has changed (and will further change) the way we use and interact with computers and the internet. 

I have little knowledge in the areas of PHP and MySql at this current stage and within this module wish to research into this area in the aid to benefit me next semester when I under a huge project which require this coding ability. Also in learning the coding I feel that within future projects the knowledge will be called upon again and again, to make websites more dynamic for the clients to edit or interact with.  I am next going to research into the history and functions that PHP has to offer and look at some tutorials to help in my professional development. More info to come….  


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