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I’m Marie Williams a third year student studying Media Communication at UCE in Birmingham.


 I joint the course as a broad course student but my main interest lies around new media, so I have structured my course to develop my skills in the new media environment, using design programs such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash to help me with my studies.


The main reasoning behind this blog is to brainstorm ideas both related to my second assignment where I intend on creating a “product” in flash but, I will also be using this blog to talk too and interactive with media professionals, asking them what’s going on with “Flash” in the industry and where they believe I should take my project.


I’m hoping to use this module “ Web and New Media Practice” to enhance my skills and knowledge in flash, that will both in turn help with my final year project but also when I step into the media world. I need to enhance my technical skills as they way to basic. I need to make sure that I keep a good timed diary and will be doing this by keeping a blog that I will update weekly with the progression of my second assignment.


My next steps will be looking at what kind off application, game or website I wish to produce. I will be blogging weekly with my ideas and research.


Useful web sites:





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  1. Jensa Said:

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for linking to Flashmagazine.com! Just wanted to let you know that the “.htm”-part of the link should not be there, or the link wil not work 🙂

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