Michelle Field – Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Michelle, I am in my 3rd year at UCE Birmingham studying Media and Communication. I am mainly interested in the web and most of my University modules have covered this area; including Digital Cultures, Interactive Promotion, DVD and CD- ROM and I am currently studying Creativity in the Media and Web and New Media Practice.  

I have become particularly interested in using Flash technology for the creation of my projects. My aim is to extend my knowledge of Flash and actionscript and perhaps even incorporate other technologies into my work (e.g. PHP). I already feel comfortable with the basics of Flash, so I wish to advance my skills. Furthermore, I would like to work on my planning skills by organising my time more efficiently. This will hopefully be achieved in my next project.  

I think that Flash Magazine on-line will provide me with a good starting point for inspiration and new features available in the world of Flash,  in particular the most recent version Flash 8. (http://www.flashmagazine.com/1134.htm).

The following forum should also prove to be useful, http://www.flashsupport.com/forum/ , as I will be able to post any queries or problems I encounter in the production process.  It was established by theMakers Rob Reinhardt and Snow Dowd (www.theMakers.com) authors of the Flash Bible series.

My next step will be to continue looking into Flash and to gain further inspiration for a project that I can work on to fulfill my aims.


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