Week One blog…Kylie Gammans

Hi there,

I’m Kylie Gammans and am currently in my final year of University at UCE Birmingham studying Media and Communication.  I have a large interest into Web and New Media and base my studies around this area. I have took part in previous modules, including Interactive promotion, DVD and CDROM and Digital cultures – all of which have allowed me to have insights into different elements as to what is important in the New Media world. I have produced various products whilst studying at University including websites and interactive games. As well as this I have produced a number of products whilst taking place at work placements.

I am currently participating in the Web and New Media practice class. I have already produced two products in Flash prior to this class, both which are based on ideas of interactive games. However whilst taking part, I aim to learn more into Flash in order for me to improve on the skills I already obtain. I aim to show this improvement by making a final project in Flash. If I come across any problems whilst using Flash there are some useful links below where I can watch video tutorials and talk to others to help me through my progress:



I am currently brain storming around ideas as to what I want to create in Flash. I can research into what is happening in the world of Flash and new media today to aid me to think about what will make my idea different, creative and appealing as to what Flash professionals are interested in at the moment. The links below will allow me to research this:




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