Production Ideas

As a Web & New media specialist, my final year dissertation and project will be concentrated within this area. In particular, my dissertation involves research around the social networking site Facebook – one of the most visited web 2.0 applications on the Internet today.

To coincide with this, my initial idea for the production side of this module involves designing and creating an application for Facebook. 

Applications on Facebook have only recently been introduced, and have allowed developers from around the World to create and submit interactive user content onto the site. Some of the more popular applications used on profiles include: ‘SuperPoke,’ ‘X-Me,’ ‘My Aquarium,’ and ‘Free Gifts.’ ‘SuperPoke’ allows users to make virtual actions directed at other users for instance.

In order to find out more about building an application for Facebook, the obvious place to start is that of the actual site.

When visiting, besides the initial ‘welcome message’ and login, there is also a link at the bottom of the page entitled ‘developers’ – it is here where I can find most of the information needed to develop an application specifically to be used on Facebook. 

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