Azeem Ahmad – Week 1 Idea – Flash

Hi, I’m Azeem Ahmad and i’ma journalism specialist studying Media and Communication, in my final year at Birmingham City University. The purpose of this post is to let the rest of the class, and the world know what i’m planning on doing for my final project.

I am looking into designing a basic flash game, either aimed at adults, or children – not both. I have two very basic ideas for my game, and both will require me to learn a whole lot more of the Flash software as my knowledge of it is very basic.


My first idea is a game aimed at adults, where the choices they make during the game can affect the outcome of it. It will be very basic, and takes some of the features that upcoming game TimeShift has as its strongest selling point.

My second idea is a childrens platform game, where they learn as they play. For example, the main character could encounter potential maths, or English problems, and work the answer out from a number of multiple choices.


  • Manipulation of the main object in flash is something I dont know.
  • Learning this, and implementing may not be achievable in the time given.
  • As a journalist/designer, what will this project add to my skills?

Other Ideas

I may also think of an idea around combining key RSS feeds into one, as many internet users face the problem of visiting several news, video, and blog websites to get their daily ‘fix’ of information. I will be spending most of this week looking into flash, and manipulation of objects, and if i dont think that it is achievable in the time given, combining RSS feeds is the way forward for me.


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