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A developer’s point of view…

Further into my research with regards to Facebook applications, I decided to get in touch with one of the many developers accessible through the site itself.  

The developer who I contacted was Patrick Shyu. Patrick works for Sony Pictures as a graphics software developer, and developed the ‘MySpace Link’ application for Facebook that allows users to put an image of their MySpace profile onto their Facebook profile.

The main reason why I chose to contact Patrick was because my own initial idea is similar to that of his application. According to Michael Michalko (1991) in ‘Thinkertoys’ my idea could be seen as an ‘adaption’ – where I will adapt someone else’s idea, in this instance, Patrick’s idea.

For my initial idea then, I have been considering how an application aimed  at web-designers would be a useful tool on Facebook. This application would allow web-designers to put linked images of their websites – a portfolio if you like – onto their profiles, so in a professional context, they would be able to promote themselves and their work to other Facebook users directly. Hopefully now you can see how this ‘adapts’ Patrick’s exisiting ‘MySpace link’ idea.

As far as I am aware, there is no application that already does this, and I feel it would be a good one to create as Facebook is growing to much more than just a social networking site; which leads me on to Patrick’s interview.

When I contacted Patrick, I explained my situation and asked him the following; What do you feel are the key skills required to be a developer? Where do you see the industry is heading in the future? I also said it would be great to know what spurred him into making an application for Facebook in the first place.

Patrick replied by saying:

“People use all sorts of languages to develop, but probably 80-90% are using LAMP (or linux/apache/mysql/php), which is a popular combo. That’s what I use too. Others use flash too. Industry wise, I’m pushing full force ahead with Facebook, I think this is the beginning of a revolution of sorts, and FB will become the future internet. They’re so goddamn ambitious at fb, I think they have what it takes. I’ve been developing web apps for a long time, so it was natural for me to go into FB apps.”

An interesting and useful point of view I felt.