Michelle Field – Talking to the Professionals

In continuing my thoughts I firstly e-mailed Craig Swann who works for the interactive media company Crash Media and is a guest speaker at this years Flash on the Beach. I asked him if he knew of any exciting new features that Flash technology has developed. His reply was

“Well MAX just announced exciting new capabilities with Flash including 3d, and custom effects publishing via Hydra.”

I looked into this and discovered that Hydra is a graphics programming language that Adobe has developing for image processing, which is available in Astro (Flash Player 10). It specifically allows the use of custom filters, blend modes and effects such as shading. However, I am unsure if I will be able to gain access to this for my own project. 

Furthermore, I e-mailed Rob Townley who runs his own new media design and development company (RT Media) and I asked him the following questions:

What new Flash features most interest you and are beneficial to your work?

“I think for me the most usable features of Flash recently have been the development of Flash video. With more encoding options and the standalone Flash 8 Video encoder it’s become far more easy to incorporate video on the web.”

Are there any particular examples of your work that demonstrate this?

 “I have a very good and successful example of this here:

This is a microsite that I built for Metro newspaper, and if you click on either ‘Watch the Show’ or ‘Watch the trailers’ you’ll be able to view the Flash videos. This proved to be a very successful campaign, backed up with HTML emails. “

As an employer what would you be looking for when taking on employees?

“If  I was looking to employ someone I would not necessarily be looking for someone with a whole bunch of skills, more importantly for me would be someone who was keen to learn and follow instruction. Obviously some web experience would be required, mainly with Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop however I wouldn’t take on anyone who was too efficient as I would prefer to mould someone to fit them into my workflow. I think web designers and developers all work in a different way to an extent, and having someone with too much of a set way of working would be hard.”

From speaking to these professionals I have gained an insight to what is currently taking place in Flash. It is also interesting to hear Rob’s views on what he would be looking for in potential employees, hopefully my next project will be able to demonstrate my ability to employers. It will be of use to me to think about the sort of features I wish to use in my upcoming project. However I will firstly need to decide what sort of product I wish to create.

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