My Idea…

I aim to create an interactive game, I have already produced two prior to this class but have decided to produce another to show that my skills in Flash can improve. I aim to show my improvement by focusing on my weaker areas of Flash by improving smoother animations, using more audio and video, better design and trying to include more interactivity. By improving on these skills I will hopefully be more employable in the Media industry.  

There have been a number of issues in society that have arisen lately around obesity in young children. A chef called Jamie Oliver is someone who has campaigned to ban junk foods in schools and has created a lot of media attention around this subject, so I decided to take a look at his website:  

There is no part on this website which is really aimed at children; therefore my initial idea is to create an interactive game based around this subject to raise awareness to children about eating healthy. This game could also be used at schools. I am going to research further into this website and see ideas which Jamie Oliver comes up with to encourage healthy eating and import them into my game. I am not yet 100% sure as what will take place in my game but with the basis of my idea I can begin researching into what I feel will make this game a success.


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