Sound and Video- lecture (Dorota Jablonska)


Flash supports formats:

  • MP3- Recommended as it is small in file size and can be of high quality.
  • WAV
  • AIF (Mac)

Import sound into Flash- select File > Import into library

You can also create background sound and, if you want, you can stop it on a certain frame. (action – Movie control- stop on a keyframe which you want the music to stop)

You can also indicate how many times you want the sound to be looped. If you want the sound looped forever, put in 999999999999999 in the Loop window.

You can also play sound at certain points
Select a keyframe, select your sound from the Sound drop down menu and change the Sync to start.

Create sound control

  • attach a sound to a Timeline
  • create a sliding volume control
  • give your user the chance to control the volume of the sound

Rollover sound effects

  • Interactive
  • Informative
  • fun

Where to look for sound

  • Remember about having permission from the copyright holder.
  • sound banks online
  • useful websites

Sound Effects Library:
Partners in Rhyme:

Control sound volume with ActionScript


Supported formats include:

  • QuickTime (.mov)- advisable
  • Digital Video
  • MPEG
  • Windows Media
  • Video for Windows

Import and control a video clip:

  • File > Import to library
  • Click the ‘embed video’ option.
  • Make sure quality is 100 and synchronise video is checked.
  • Now you can drag your video onto the stage from the library
  • Edit mode for the movie clip
  • Add buttons from the Common Libraries (stop, play and pause)+ attache scripts to each of the buttons





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