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Interview with a new media professional…

I emailed a number of new media professionals a variety of questions based around Flash and the new media today, this is one response i received which is very helpful:

•       What do you feel is important in Flash and the New Media today?

As with any interactive content, the user experience. The application should be intuitive, engaging and interaction should feel “natural.” It should run smoothly and behave consistently.

•       What do you like about Flash?

It gives designers/developers a rich toolset, rapid prototyping and deployment (look at Flex), and best of all, is truly ubiquitous. The application will run the same way, regardless of browser or operating system. It also allows you to easily integrate video and audio for live and on-demand applications.

•       Who/what are your inspirations?

Hmm… inspirations. My real day-to-day inspiration comes from all the developers out there creating amazing stuff with flash, in my local user group, and on discussion lists. The creativity and deep knowledge of the people on the FMS-centered FlashMedia list ( is encouraging as well, and it’s good to know there’s a good place for support. I also have a great respect for those who have a natural gift for programming (I’m not one!)…one of these is He’s great at breaking complex concepts such as particle effects and 3d in Flash, down to easy-to-digest bits. Also, a great place to keep up with the happenings in Flash, along with great tips and hot topics is

•       Have you got any tips into making an interactive game different and creative to those that already exist?

Consider utilizing the social networking tools available in Flash and Flash Media Server. You can record video/audio, have live chatrooms, etc., which, if they will work well with the concept of your application, can really engage young audiences.