Flash mobile idea

Over the past couple of weeks I have been brainstorming ideas for my project, and have decided to make a prototype for a flash media device to enhance and publicise a new band.

My main idea is to get fans of “Monday Street” band to sign up and leave mobile numbers either on their My space page or when they leave or enter the gigs. The new device will enable them to watch new videos from gigs, get up to date information about the band, and if possible use the application as a way of listening to new song.

I am currently researching further into Flash mobile itself, talking to media professionals to engage in where the application has advanced and how I can use this module to gain skills I can use when I graduate.

Some key resources to help with my initial research



Flash Lite 3 Video: 

“Video on mobile devices represents a new challenge for both device manufactures and developers. Flash Lite 3 opens an amazing new world to mobile developers.”

From looking at a number of resources I have been to see that being able to use this new application would enable me to be one step ahead of potential graduates.

One of the key areas that I will research into is the accessibility and usability of the mobile device, I will have to bear in mind that all mobiles have different keys that are placed in different places, it will be one of my main aims to make sure that my application is totally user friendly, one way of doing this I believe is setting more simple “key press” applications in flash that could work for all different mobile. The only way I will thoroughly work through this process if by user testing and then further more adapting my application to suit the

There are a number of explanations and tutorials online that will help me in quest in developing a new flash mobile video application for my assignment.



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