Michelle Field – Random Movement

In the development of my Flash knowledge I have decided to research how to do random movement using action script. I have previously made a game where the enemies move along a set path, therefore this time I wish to advance my skills and make the game more challenging to players using unpredictable movement.The following takes you through the process for random movement in Flash MX:

1) Open a new Flash document.

2) Set the stage area to 300 x 200 pixels. At this point you may also wish to draw in the stage boundaries, for example by using the rectangle tool.

3) Set the frame rate to 25 secs.

4) Draw a circle (the object in which you wish to move) using the tool box.

5) Select the circle and convert it into a movie clip by right clicking on it and selecting convert to symbol, then select movie clip.

6) Select the movie clip and add the following code into the actions box (where // is present this is additional information about each section):

onClipEvent (load) {

//data you may want to change depending on stage size
width = 300;
height = 200;
//You can increase the speed by increasing the numbers and vice versa 
speed = Math.round(Math.random()*2)+1;
//initial positions and new ending positions
x = this._x=Math.random()*width;
y = this._y=Math.random()*height;
x_new = Math.random()*width;
y_new = Math.random()*height;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

//x horizontal movement 1 being right and -1 being left
if (x_new>this._x) {

sign_x = 1;
} else {
sign_x = 1;
dx = Math.abs(x_newthis._x);
if ((dx>speed) || (dx<-speed)) {

this._x += sign_x*speed;
} else {
x_new = Math.random()*width;
//y vertical movement
if (y_new>this._y) {

sign_y = 1;
} else {
sign_y = 1;
//handles the speed throughout 
dy = Math.abs(y_newthis._y);
if ((dy>speed) || (dy<-speed)) {

this._y += sign_y*speed;
} else {
y_new = Math.random()*height;

7) Now you can view it by pressing Ctrl and Enter.

This information was gained from:
which will also be useful for a more detailed version of the above.


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