‘What employers in the new media industry are looking for’

 On the Flash magazine website Andrew Brown points out 5 useful tips into being a Flash rock star in the new media industry, they are: 

  • Don’t get too comfortable-Try to move out of your comfort zone. You must be willing to take things to a new level and expand your knowledge base with tools. Instead of just being comfortable with Flash I could also look into Flex, which is what my interviewee said to do.
  • Explore on your own/Take on side projects-Find more time for advancing work, E.g: Familiarize myself with new technologies that are always developing.
  • Know your community-Understand what is going on in the new media. Read blogs such as www.fullasagoog.com
  • Know the back end-Try to learn the ins and outs of something, such as Java script as well as just knowing about animation.
  • Don’t be so eager to be a manager-Look for career advancement in other ways.

Visit the link below to see how Andrew Brown has furthered these points:


Flash Games and the new media today via a number of websites, other useful ideas I came across were that:

  • A great deal of creativity is needed in game development; therefore I am going to try to enhance on my design skills and create a specific style to my game.
  • Lighting and texture effects can make a design look better.
  • The ability to mold, shape and twist Action script to fit my needs is an essential part to game development. Therefore when producing my game I will make sure all the action script fits together correctly to result in a successful game.
  • Transparent layered images give a good effect and a feel for action.
  • Scrolling and zooming images can suggest movement.

My interviewee also pointed out to me that:

  • The application should be intuitive, engaging and interaction should feel “natural.” I aim to do this by making my animations smoother.
  • You can record video, audio, and have live chatrooms etc. I will research into these if I feel they will be useful to make my game a success.

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