An Introduction into advanced Flash in games


  • 3D in flash-This can make objects and movements look and seem more real, which will make a flash project looked more advanced. This concept could be used throughout creating a game in flash. A website which includes tutorials that are useful to look at in understanding this concept more are:

  • Rotation in Flash-This can make projects look more complex, it can be used in objects, movements and texts. It is useful in game development. For example on the website below, it shows rotation around a common centre where the aim of the game could be to get out of the centre: An example of 3D and rotation incorporated together is shown below: /

  • Collision detecting and hit testing-This is useful in creating games as you can make a barrier (for example a participant in a game has to answer a question correctly before they are allowed through a barrier), or if one can go into a certain area there can still be collision detecting as something could change colour, for example see the website:

  • Shooting objects-This is useful in games if you need to get past obstacles that are in your way, an example of this is:  

  • Scoring-Keeping track of scores is useful in games to show a user how they are doing, an example of how to do this is shown on the link below:–07269.html

  • Random Movement-This can be useful in making games, as random movement may be used to appear on screens to be a distraction in completing a game. An example of how to do random movement is on:

  • 360 views-This is a very complex way of using movement in a game to see the view points you can move around in. An example in how to make a 360 view is shown in the tutorial below:

As well as the tutorials above, there are a number of various other websites which provide useful tutorials and forums into making certain elements in flash games, they are: 

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