What is Web3.0? LAMP, AJAX and Web2.0?

I should start by explaining what Web2.0 is first. Web2.0 is a term to describe websites that exist today the interactive content the Internet provide its users today. It is easily visiable through websites that cater virtual community features (Http://www.facebook.com, Http://www.myspace.com etc…) or places in which the audience are the main content providers (much like the original idea behind the creation of the Internet) for example Wikipedia or Blogs. One of the main coding used in the Web2.0 phenomenal is PHP, to create the editable features. However along with PHP other codings were used to create editable feature; Mysql, Asp, Javascript.  PHP has therefore advanced to combine all of these to create the coding language LAMP and Ajax. LAMP is an abbreviation of the operating system LINUX, the web server APACHE, the database management system MySQL and PHP. Php runs alongside MySQL in most of the database needed interactive features. When looking at tutorials, in order to create a simple login section, MySQL was needed in order to maintain and manage the production.  After looking through the Php coding on the internet and on the blog I already attained, I have a basic understanding of how the coding functions; however when looking on the internet in order to create a login section for my DS task I have come to understand that an understanding of MySQL is required in order to make the project work; therefore I am now looking at both MySQL and PHP for my assignment 2 project.Lamp is very popular at the moment in the web design industry. Ajax is a lot quicker then just php, as javascript makes the editable features within webpages instant, (instead of having to refresh pages) therefore making editing websites, blogs, or virtual community content a lot quicker and easier. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Mainly used with text, it is also able to edit images, sounds and videos. It was developed to increase the usability, speed, and interactivity of Web pages. Little is known about web3.0 yet, and there are many arguments over what it is. Nevertheless it is expected to be where the corporations will make money. Programs such as Second life; in which replicates real life, however in a virtual, Internet environment are thought to be on the forefront of the Web3.0 frontier.  Web3.0 is expected to enhance interactivity, the online experience and allow users to try anything online by combining elements of artificial intelligence, or 3D graphics.       




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