An Introduction to Flash Lite

Flash Lite: Design, development and deploy.Adobe® Flash® Lite™ software is a powerful runtime engine for mobile and consumer electronics devices that benefits both device manufacturers and content developers.

 Adobe Flash Lite software is a runtime engine that provides users a rich, engaging experience across mobile phones and consumer electronics devices. Flash Lite enables OEMs and operators to differentiate their devices via customized user interfaces and the ability to access the web, video, and mobile content across devices.  By enabling manufacturers to provide customers with improved web browsing, video content, and compelling interactive experiences, Flash Lite 3 delivers an effective means of differentiating products.

Additionally, Flash Lite 3 allows developers to quickly create engaging mobile applications, speed time to market, and increase customer adoption.“With over 62 different Nokia models worldwide with Flash Lite pre-installed, the market opportunity for developing mobile Flash content is expanding.”  ( 21/10/07) 

Flash Lite offers the same devices and timeline features as any other flash platform but with the added features for the mobile application, using content and graphical design over coding which is primarily used to make sure that the application will work properly. 

Flash applications are normally interactive movies, animations, games made by using key frames and layers placed on a timeline; the difference with the Flash Lite application is that animations can contain object themselves.

 “With Flash Lite, you can create games, connected applications, and utilize mobile phone functions to send SMS or place phone calls. Flash Lite applications can also access device properties, such as battery-level and network connection-level information, which can sometimes be hard to get from, say, Java MIDlets.” ( 21/10/07)

Adobe Flash player is made specifically for mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. Flash lite is good for making animations, games, mobile browser applications, flash lite user interfaces and rich media content ( for example sound, images and video).  

Flash lite works in SWF: Flash file format and sis. I

t can be delivered through a number of methods but I will be concentrating on attempting to deliver my prototype through Nokia content. 

Benefits for Flash Lite: 

  • Rapid Development
  • Consistent runtime and performance
  • Rich Media Support – better quality sound, images and video
  • Motivates and Influences new developments
  • Usability and User experience enhanced
  • Rich designer/developer tools
  • Improved browser support
  • Mulitplatform support
  • Lower cost

 Negatives for Flash Lite: 

  • Limited memory
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Bandwidth
  • Connectivity
  • Screen – size, pixel depth
  • Data Input
  • Distribution & Production

  Useful Links to help with my research 

More information about ‘Flash Lite’ 

  • More condensed version of flash
  • Ideal way to make graphical and interactive content, including stand alone content.
  • Good way to create mobile clients for internet-based information.
  • ‘Flash Lite’ refers to these Flash Players that are optimized to run on mobile
  • The ‘Lite’ denotes a lighter footprint in all ways: file size, memory usage, and CPU requirements.
  • ‘Lite’ also denotes slightly fewer capabilities
  • SWF is the highly optimized and compact file format that is executed by the Flash Player at runtime.
  • SWF files can contain code to be executed as well as a number of different types of objects for presentation and interaction.
  • The ‘Flash Player’ refers to the runtime engine that interprets, displays, executes, and allows interaction with SWF and FLV files.

New Applications

Like with any other new media application, there is always going to be new and improved editions of the application. Flash Lite has gone through a series of improvements:

  • Flash Lite 1.0 was launched in February 2003.
  • Flash Lite 3.0 is used in phones and mobile devices in the following ways: 
    1. As a web browser plug
    2. As a Flash runtime engine powering the user interface of a device
    3. As a standalone Flash Player, to play popular Flash content such as games
  •  The high-level features of Flash Lite 3.0 include:
    1. Support for playing Flash 8 file format content (and earlier versions)
    2. Support for FLV playback of video encoded in Flash 7 (Sorenson) or Flash 8 (On2 VP6) codes.
    3. Based on ActionScript 2.0 (most objects and methods are supported, as noted on the succeeding pages)

4. Follows the Flash 8 security model (including local file security and cross domain policy)Take a look at this  

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