Different Flash Lit Applications

Like with any other new media application, there is always going to be new and improved editions of the application. Flash Lite has gone through a series of improvements since Flash Lite 1.0 was launched in February 2003. Flash Lite 3.0 is used in phones and mobile devices in the following ways: 1. As a web browser plug-in2. As a Flash runtime engine powering the user interface of a device3. As a standalone Flash Player, to play popular Flash content such as games The high-level features of Flash Lite 3.0 include:1. Support for playing Flash 8 file format content (and earlier versions)2. Support for FLV playback of video encoded in Flash 7 (Sorenson) or Flash 8 (On2 VP6) codes3. Based on ActionScript 2.0 (most objects and methods are supported, as noted on the succeeding pages)

4. Follows the Flash 8 security model (including local file security and cross domain policy)

Take a look at this http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/articles/getting_started_flashlite.pdf 


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