Draft Proposal

§         Idea 


With no kind of idea what new product I wanted to produce, I emailed around some new media professionals to see what was new and exciting. I have already produced games in flash, websites in Dreamweaver and so wanted to use this module to make something more professional. 


The idea of doing some thing mobile came from a response from a flash professional:

“Another nice area to get into is Flash Lite, that’s the mobile version of Flash. They just released Flash Lite 3 today and you can kind of think of it as Flash 8 in terms of what you can do (in fact you can take Flash 8 files and use them in Flash Lite 3 on the phone). If you have a Nokia this is easier to get into. It’s quite impressive to show someone something running on a phone, even though it was just as easy as if you’d made it for a website.”


  It made me think about when I graduate and how good it would look if I was able to use and produce something on such a new area in the industry. 

My idea has progressed from watching the band “Monday Street” with an idea about using their videos as a way of spreading their fan basis.


§         Inspirations


 Most of my inspirations for this project are driving from blogs and online tutorials that are on the Internet. I am really keen to learn about how the new mobile application has changed the new media world and am waiting upon many email responses to get the professional views on the application.


§         Research 


I am still in the preparation stage of idea, I am currently researching more into the Flash Lite application and the way in which I can use the technology properly making sure my prototype is professional. I am also looking at online tutorials as a way of teaching myself the skills I will need use and save the project appropriately; this is a key aspect of making the application mobile. 


§         How it will address my technical skills 


I will not only be refining my skills in flash, but I will be enhancing them by learning about the flash applications, especially the different formats and the way in which the applications have to be tested to make sure that they work on the different mobile models. I will also hope to experiment and learn more about sound in flash and improve my action script which will also help with me final end of year product.


 I also want the design of the product to appear professional both in term of look and feel and this is where I lack creativity.  Key to success in this project will be keeping on top of my progress, keeping a weekly blog will be one way in which I will make sure that my project is rolling along nicely.     


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