Preliminary Idea

After initial and further research into Video on Demand (VoD) as a system, the applications used to create video media files, play these files and the delivery systems used, I have decided upon producing a website-based VoD service.

As I do not have the technical skills or knowledge to create a stand-alone VoD download manager and player, similar to that of Channel 4’s application ‘4OD’, I will create a website that has aspects of VoD. It will not be “true” VoD, as that is thought to be provided strictly by a television cable service, like Virgin Media’s ‘On Demand’ which offers customers an instantaneous response, from the time the program is requested to the time its being delivered. I want this website to compile the better features from other websites of a similar nature in order to create something that encompasses all aspects of television programmes online. I feel this will be the most productive use of this module in advancing my skills.

I’ve decided to use Adobe’s Dreamweaver to create the website and am looking into which application to use for playing the videos. I am inclined to choose a media player that has a simplistic layout for the viewer to use and works well with both Macintosh and Windows users. As a Macintosh user, I have found BBC’s ‘iPlayer’ and Channel 4’s ‘4OD’ being ‘Windows-only’ annoying, especially in light of the public remit each broadcaster is held to.

I am currently researching further into VoD but feel at this time that streaming video content will be the best delivery method for my website. Although I have utilised streaming audio in the past, I have yet to use streaming video but, intend to practice using this method in producing a ‘trial-run’ website.

As I researched into established streaming video websites that provide free access, I noticed a common theme of plain backgrounds, lots of text and continuous use of blue, black and grey. My examples of this are, Megavideo, Sidereel and Veoh. This may be intentional in order to match with embedded media players that use these tones and create a seamless finish. As this seems to be the case I intend to use similar colours but will separate content by wide genres, making this clear by using different bright colours, similar to TV Link Vault.

Unlike the websites mentioned above I intend to make this website solely for the content of television programmes. I plan for these to be established television programmes, funded through a mix of sponsorship and payment by viewers. However, this could be changed to include newer programming if public demand altered.

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