Interview with a media professional

Question One: 

I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to give me an insight into what’s going on with the “mobile” application and how it has already advanced and where you believe this new application is going or could go?


Mobile is a funny industry. It’s very regional, and quite literally fragmented. In general, however, folks want to use their portable devices for data rather than strictly voice services, more and more.

 Question Two: 

I am soon to graduate I was wondering whether you would be able to give me an insight into what you believe an employable “new media graduate” is in your eyes?


Flash is an essential skill in the industry, but it really comes down to what tools you like. Personally, I would think about learning Flex and get into Air applications. There is a high demand, and not many qualified people. If you are excited about mobile, I would learn Flash Lite. The migration from desktop Flash to Flash Lite is not that high.

 Question Three: 

What do you feel the number one skill for a newly graduate student would be?



Question Four:


What skills are the “most employable”?


Right now, Flex and Air … once you have Flash experience.

Question Five: 

Have you got any tips for graduates entering the media industry?


Have a nice portfolio and shop it around. Start a blog; use it to market yourself and your skills. Join the Flash community (MXNA). Go to user group meetings. Attend Flash conferences. Use, twitter and other social tools to connect to people in the industry. Get a mentor.

 Question Six: 

What are your inspirations?


There are way too many. I typically get inspiration from Flash conferences, but it comes from people in the community. 

 Question Seven: 

What steps did you take to get to where you are today?


It was a long process. Started out doing web, moved into multimedia, and
from there go into Flash.

Now I am doing Flash Mobile.

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