Michelle Field – Proposal Draft

The following points set out my initial idea for my final Flash project:  

  • I will create a game which will be: aimed at teenagers, informative about littering concerns, persuasive and help prevent future littering.

  • Could be made for the Cheltenham area, who has already established a campaign which can be found at http://www.tidycheltenham.co.uk/. My game will aid there objectives in helping to keep the area tidy and will attract further use of the site by providing an interactive feature.

  • The Game: As the main player it will be your objective to collect as much rubbish as possible by moving horizontally and vertically (by jumping) across the game area, which will be a street. Different rubbish types will score you different amounts of points. You will also have a time limit in which to complete each level. Baddies (litter droppers) will try to intercept you, in which you must escape them by hitting them with your litter picker. In between each level will be a fact on littering. I may also include a score board feature and consider any additional interactive elements.

  • My technical objectives will be met as I will be incorporating new aspects of Flash into my work such as: random movement, time limits, a complex scoring system, jumping movement and other aspects of actionscirpt, in which I have not done before. I also hope to experiment more with sound for example by incorporating a volume control which will advance my skills from my previous project. In addition, I want the overall style and design of the game to appear professional in terms of its visual appearance, as I feel this is an area I need to improve in. Time efficiency and planning will also be essential. In order to achieve these things I will be required to carry out research and shall need to find out how to technically create certain aspects. This can be done on a number of Flash aid sites that I have mentioned in my previous blogs.

  • The overall design will be based on a cartoon approach to appeal to the target audience. Therefore colour will be used throughout. I will use keyboard controls as this best accounts for accessibility.

  • Similar products that already exist: 1) http://www.recyclingrangers.co.uk/littergame.htm the game is aimed at children, however it is very simple and only contains one level and there is only one type of rubbish to collect. The overall experience is not very interactive or fun. 2) A different kind of game can be found at: http://www.epa.state.il.us/kids/fun-stuff/litter-hunt/ which again only has one level and is very simple probably aimed at younger children. 3) A more complex game can be found at: http://www.encams.org/funzone/tidyman_preload.html .This has a set amount of litter you must collect as well as a number of lives and more than one level. With this game you have to use the mouse to move around which slightly irritating and less accessible. The overall game movement and layout is different to my aims. Furthermore my game aims to educate with factual information incorporated into the game. However these products may provide me with inspiration for my own work.

  • When completed I will test the product on the potential target audience.  

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