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Proposal for my project

I propose to design and produce a game in Flash which promotes healthy eating to younger children, I have decided to create a game around this subject as there have been a number of issues in society that have arisen lately around obesity in young children, and eating healthy nutritional foods is key to a healthy balanced lifestyle. I came across an interesting article online about how packed lunches are falling behind on school dinners as the nutritional gap widens, this aided me to focus on making my game based on healthy packed lunches. This article can be found on the link below: 

  • The aim of the Game-Users will have a variety of lunchboxes to choose from, the lunchbox will then appear at the bottom of the screen where they will have to move the lunchbox side to side. A mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks will drop from the top of the screen; the user will have to catch the healthy foods which will increase their score and they also need to avoid the unhealthy foods going into their lunchbox as this will decrease their score. There will be different levels to this game (each getting harder) and each level will have different types of healthy foods so that at the end of the game a screen can show you that you have a balanced healthy diet in your lunchbox.

  • Target audience-This game is aimed at young children. I think that a game will hopefully raise awareness to children and encourage them to eat healthy. I feel that young children will be more engaging into this subject via a game as it will be fun and interactive and will keep hold of their attention.

  • Who it could be made for-I think that this game could be used at schools as they could get the children to learn about healthy eating and as an added activity they could try to complete this game. 

  • Technical Objectives-I aim to show improvement in Flash by improving in animations by making them smoother; this will make the game feel more natural. I will also be looking into different ways that the foods can drop from the top of the screen by researching into different types of movement such as random movement. I aim to enhance on my audio skills as I will try to add a volume controller. As well as this I want to add a scoring system and different levels which I have not done in Flash before. All of these elements will hopefully improve my understanding in actionscript. I hope to make this game very interactive and engaging. Furthermore I aim to improve on my design skills to make this game look more professional.


Draft Proposal

Aim :As you may be aware by now, I plan to design and hopefully develop an application for Facebook.

Justification: There are several reasons as to why I would like to develop an application for Facebook, these are:

  1. To enhance my both my knowledge and technical skills by learning how to develop with PHP. Having these kind of technical capabilities will prove particularly valuable to me as they are currently of great demand within the field of web and new media, and are the means in which the industry is heading.
  2. Secondly, the popularity of Facebook is at an all time high and there is numerous evidence to suggest that Facebook is soon to become more than just a social networking site. I have created an additional blog entitled ‘The Facebook Conquest’ which in effect, provides evidence (reports) which support this assumption. As a web specialist, I feel it would be particularly worthwhile to be a contributor towards this phenomena, especially with its evident benefits, I.e. this would look impresive for my CV. 
  3. Finally, concentrating on Facebook will also aid my theoretical work during this year as this too is based around Facebook and furthermore, its users experience.

Proposed Idea 

My proposed idea for assignment 2 is to create an application specifically aimed at web designers, however is one that could later be developed into an application for other media industry professionals aswell (In the same way that many other Facebook appliations have been developed and changed in different ways, I.e Poke to SuperPoke)  

For many users Facebook not only provides a place to socialise but also is a perfect place to advertise themselves, so much so that some companies are even beginning to create accounts now – For example nightclubs are using it as a source for their PR material.

Users can already include information such as work details, skills and qualifications on their profile, and therefore to coincide with this I felt that a visual, portfolio-type application would be a particularly useful tool for a web designer. 

 Instead of just providing text links to their portfolio of websites, the user would be able to add screen grabs of their websites which will give other users (some who could potentially be looking to utilise their skills) a preview of their work and which will also still act as links to the sites.

I personally feel that visual links are more enticing, and that a user is more likely to visit the websites than if they were just standard text based links.

To make the application more exciting, I might also consider creating some ‘skins.’ These wont necessarily have to be bold, patterned designs (because this may draw attention away from the screen grab images) however some basic colours for instance might attract more attention towards the application, especially in terms of where it is on the profile page.

Possible application names could be: ‘My Web Portfolio,’ ‘My Web Designs,’ or ‘Website Projects’