Genie and the LAMP?

As mentioned in my previous posts Lamp is very popular in the industry at the moment. It is a combination of the operating system LINUX, the web server APACHE, the database management system MySQL and PHP. Although I am not planning to use LINUX, the combination of APACHE MySQL and PHP is the fundimental basis of my project; to create interactive content, to store user information and to allow the myself to view the website live through turing my computer into a server.   

In my quest to learn PHP it has so far been an uphill struggle. After looking for tutorials just to create a simple login feature I found loads, but they all said that I needed to install MySQL or a PHP database program in which creates coding to replicate MySQL. This program however decided not to install on my computer and therefore was utterly useless. This file is called phpMyADMIN; DONT DOWNLOAD IT. However this gave me the problem of searching for a MySQL file to download, a PHP folder and also the Apache program. Although I have already got a server up and running that has PHP installed within it, I still downloaded Apache to operate on my desktop so I can view the PHP website without the need of uploading it each time. (PHP unlike HTML doesn’t run through a program like dreamweaver in order to preview the website, which makes the development quite tedious.)

 In the end after searching through many website in order to download these programs and files, I asked Lee to point me in the right direction, as the files I was downloading ended up being useless. The Apache file I downloaded through google was “apache-1.3.31-win32-x86-no_src.msi” the MySQL from and a PHP zip called “php-5.2.4-Win32” which works with MySQL and Apache telling them where the PHP files are being installed.I am still a little unsure of what my Assignment 2 project is to date, however I wish to use the skills learnt in this module to aid my development of my Production project next semester. Here is a little blurb of my production proposal so far, which should make clear the areas I wish to persue in this module :  

“For a countless number of years, students and the government have been worrying about the job prospects of University students who recently graduated or undergoing a degree in the subject areas of Arts. In a recent article in the Media Guardian1, with research carried out by the ‘UK Graduate Careers Survey 2007’ they found out that students undergoing degrees in art based subjects, were extremely worried about their future job prospects, nearly twice as worried as students studying in other academic fields. When discussing this with other students on participating media, photographic and journalism degrees around the country, the general consensus is that they are all worried about graduating and job-hunting in the near future. When asked if their course offered a supportive environment, offering them work experience placements, job opportunities or contact with like-minded individuals in which to discuss potential entrepreneurial ideas, most said no or little was provided. The art’s and media industries are one of the hardest to get into, as the environment is so competitive, and therefore without support it could result in (what Liz Ford wrote within her Media Guardian Article) students on arts degrees being ‘”noticeably less proactive” about job-hunting than those from other disciplines.’ By a creation of a website containing a virtual community (and therefore a supportive environment) I feel it would help students to be more proactive in job hunting. ‘Marc’

 With this in mind I wish to create a website which offers a login section, allowing users the ability to customise a page and upload (professional) information on themselves. This would require knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.  My knowledge of HTML and CSS I consider to be easily up to standard to design the website and make the website look pretty. The PHP and MySQL on the other hand create the dynamic sections of the website. MySQL stores the users information in an online database, in which would store the users login and password, users webpage (and all the editable information provided within the page) Other features include a bullitin board, and comment systems.

The website in short would be a mini prototype of the website listed above, however as it is a prototype and I am currently in the process of learning PHP and MySQL I will experiement with its content to see what is possible and what isnt.  After many recomendations I have recently bought the book PHP 5 in easy steps which is so far very useful, and inorder to back this up I have also bought MySQL in easy steps to help in the development of the database.  



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