Draft Proposal

  • Project Idea

When I first approached this assignment I had little conception of what I could create as my prototype and knew even less about the specifics of television online, although I had briefly touched upon it as a web user and television scholar. In speaking with my tutor he suggested the topic area of Video on Demand (VoD) as a new direction of television online that would also relate to my specialism.

I have produced websites before but, nothing that features video content so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity for me to create something more professional than I had in previous assignments. It will also expand upon my expertise in television by adding another facet to my abilities, enabling me to provide something different to employees when I graduate.

  • To produce a…

In order to develop my idea further I researched into the technology of VoD, how it works, which broadcasters are using it, what applications are used to create and view video content and, most importantly, who are my potential competitors.

This wealth of research led to much brainstorming of what I wanted my project to achieve. Ideally it will be a website of television programmes, mainly UK and US based, that viewers will be able to stream to their computers. Although most of the content would be available for a nominal fee, there would be programmes available for free, but this is dependant on the copyright restrictions of each individual programme, especially in relation to US produced programmes.

  • Pre-Production

As I am still in the planning stage I will need to complete research into the format of streaming and applications I wish to use. I intend to use either Windows Media, RealPlayer or Quicktime as these are media players commonly used by websites and users. Once I have finalised this decision I will make sure I am able to use the technology correctly to ensure my prototype is to a professional standard. I intend to achieve this through using online tutorials, video lectures and text books to teach myself the skills I will need to use.

  • Addressing my Professional and Technical Objectives

This project will not only improve my skills in Dreamweaver but, also enhance how I create websites and the content I use, resulting in a higher quality project. I hope by experimenting with streaming video files and learning more about this subject it will help my overall knowledge of television online. It may also lead to creating a CV website, featuring my show reel, once I have graduated as a way of advertising myself to prospective employers.

I also want this website to appear professional in its design and content, something I feel I have not achieved in my previous work due to my inexperience. To achieve this I will timetable my week to ensure that I maintain work on the prototype throughout the semester and therefore not produce a rushed website.


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