Design, produce and test an online mobile application for Monday Street to use as a way of promoting new songs, upcoming gigs and news.

 Project outline 

 Whilst walking around, take a note of the amount of people on mobile phones, what are they doing? Are they making a phone call? Are they sending a text or browsing the internet?


For my project I am attempting to manipulate the extensive use of the mobile phone by consumers and then furthermore using it as a way of marketing and promoting the band ‘Monday Street’. As a young and up coming band, most of their fans will be using mobile phones if not, they will know some one that has access to a mobile.


My idea is to make an interactive flash website that people can access through their internet browser on their mobile phone; it will be through this medium that people will be able to get up to date information when ever they wish.

 Target Audience 

This is quite a hard area to differentiate one sector of the market, as the band I’m promoting are young. I want to stage my main platform at their fan base, this would be young adults, but then also I have to take into consideration the professionals, like their manager and producers; they will have some kind of say in what products are used to promote their band, therefore, I have decided to make an application that could appeal to people aged 18 and upwards. This will mean that I have to keep the product quite simple, but more professional in the way it is delivered and broadcast. 

 Colours, themes and designs 

From looking at the bands My Space, their photos, and seeing them live, I have quite a good feel about what they are about and how they wish to be viewed by the public. I am still brainstorming design ideas and I really want to make this one project stand out from my previous one. I have added a few colour charts, fonts and mock ups that are basic which will be built upon. (Appendix One)

     Mobile Content Online

Unlike producing a project simply for the open Internet market where every one can upload information when and how they please, the mobile environment is completely different to this.


One of the main aspects that I will have to consider is networks speeds and screen sizes, its ‘Adobe Flash Lite’ that will help me develop the content purely for mobile development and delivery, it will be this that will either make or break my project.

 Market Research The Fray Website: 

I have taken a quick look at ‘The Fray’ website and really like the way in which each individual element at the top of the screen moves in slowly by itself, the volume control button is placed at the top right hand corner, discreet enough it doesn’t take your mind of the rest of the site.


The links between each page show another flash action as the buttons spin in the screen, however I don’t like that you have to scroll down the page to get the rest of the information, there is clearly too much information fitted into each section. The website is a bit bland and boring and could do with some kind of colour. (Appendix Two)


This website is just for the web only, there is nothing there that interacts with any kind of mobile device, ‘Monday Street’ will be one step ahead, I need to correctly design, construct and test my application to make it a success.


Testing is an area in which I will research more; I need to understand the whole process from start to finishing, by using websites such as I will be able to get some kind of idea of what processes I have to go through.

 Mobile Phones 

I also have to decide what type of mobile I will be aiming by project to be tested and viewed on. As there are so many different types of mobile phones it would be impossible for me to produce a product that could be all on all of the different platforms, therefore I have researched into two different mobile models and then from this research I have decided what mobile device I will be building my application for.

  Sony Ericsson W810i  

Screen Resolution: 176×220

Flash Lite Version: 1.1

Supported Content Type: browser

Device Profile Update: 3

Sony Ericsson has 18 different models with Flash Lite pre-installed.

 Nokia 6126 

Screen Resolution: TBD

Flash Lite Version: 1.1

Supported Content Type: TBD

Device Profile Update: TBD


I am still undecided which module I wish to make my application for, if I choose to make my application for the Sony Ericsson W810i, not only has it already got Flash Lite 1.1 installed in the phone, but the memory space is bigger and the screen resolution will be easier to work with. I also have this phone so will be able to test the application when ever I wish.

However when looking over my research I noticed that one of the media professional suggested that it “If you have a Nokia this is easier to get into” but I am unsure whether the screen size of the Nokia 6126 is too small. This is another area where I will continue too research.


During the research process I have been able to see that flash is an ever advancing technology, by using Flash Lite I am not only enhancing my skills but I am making a project that is up to date with the technology.


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