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Detailed Proposal

  • Aims

To design and create a website that features Video on Demand (Vod) and streaming video content of television programmes to respond to the current popularity of television online.

  • The Idea

I am proposing to produce a prototype website that takes advantage of the latest trend in television viewing, as it is moving away from tradition television sets and towards computers. This is occurring due to audiences desiring a greater control over their television viewing and to schedule programmes around their lives, not the other way around. I am focusing purely on television content as the marketplace for legal film downloads is stilled plagued by legal considerations.

  • “TV Heaven”

Although I will only be making a working prototype of this website, I have designed it in its entirety as a combination of the better features from competitors’ websites and unique features that I think will prove useful. The website will contain pre-recorded TV programmes and access to TV channels streamed online. This will be a mixture of free-to-view and pay content. There will be the ability to search for programmes available from other VoD websites so as to create an integrated website for the user. Overall, I wish to create a sense of community as is so greatly associated with television viewing. To establish this I will emplace a forum that is divided by TV genres, programmes and actors, the ability to post comments under a video and upload video responses. I will also provide detailed information on VoD and streaming media, as not all people are familiar with this technology.

  • Funding

To fund the maintenance and purchase of copyright to various television programmes I intend the website to be funded by a variety of means. Initially, revenue will be gained via programme sales. Secondly, throughout the various pages of the website users will come across advertisement banners sponsored by a search engine, Google for instance, flash advertisements and sponsored features. There will also be the ability for an entire series to be sponsored by a particular company and for adverts to be shown whilst the video is loading. In addition to this, at perhaps a later date, subscription may be a possibility to create ‘VIP members’ who will gain benefits such as money-off offers.

  • Applications

I intend to use Dreamweaver to create this website and Quicktime as my media player. I am using Dreamweaver as it is an application I have used previously and will be at ease creating a website with this programme. I have chosen Quicktime as it is a player that many users will have come across in the past as it is bundled with iTunes, a music player made popular by the corresponding portable mp3 music player, the iPod. It is also a format that is simplistic to use, has a stylish design and it will make it easier to reduce copyright theft as the application makes it difficult to save content by ‘right-clicking’.

  • Target Audience

My target audience will be anyone who wants to legally view high-quality television programmes over the internet. I cannot specify a particular age range or gender as I will be including a variety of television programmes targeted at the public as a whole. However, I believe that users would have to already be fairly competent with computers and the internet in order to know that it was possible to view television online.

  • Researching Competitors

There are many websites that you can use to watch television online however, many are link websites that take you to illegal content. In the UK there are very few places that distribute legal television programmes, and the majority of these involve downloading an application, such as BBC’s ‘iPlayer’. One website that is similar in nature to mine is MegaVideo.

This website has a clear design and easy tab system which helps the user find exactly what they want and has video content in numerous languages. It also features a ‘Premium’ membership which rewards members by allowing them to earn money through a rewards program, download original video files, and get advertising revenue with an Adbrite Publisher Account. However not all the video content on this website is legally obtained and the categories they use are extremely broad.
My website will have an advantage over MegaVideo by being a legal distributor, having clearly defined categories and assisting the fandom of programmes by creating a community.

  • Style and Design

The design of the website will reflect this simple mock-up, “TV Heaven” Mock-up (see Appendix 1).  It is a style that is similar to competitors’ websites but, the colour scheme will ensure the embedded media players are flawlessly merged into the website. Overall, the website will be simplistic in its look as users are more interested in the quality and variety of video content than a flamboyant website.


Proposal (Dorota Jablonska)


For my second assignment I intend to create an interactive game in flash.

Project Outline and design

The game will have a turret point which shoots in the direction of the mouse. The turret point will shoot to the opponents which will go from top to bottom. To get to the next level users will have to shoot a sufficient number of the opponents. Users will start the game on the first level as a labour worker. If they shoot enough opponents they will get to the second level and they will get promotion for a senior worker.

Level 3- team leader

Level 4- supervisor

Level 5- trainee manager

Level 6- manager

Level 7- director

The game will take place in a work environment. As a background I will use various photos which present shots from a warehouse then I will create a scrolling background

Target Users

I intend to place the finish product on my on my final project website which will aim at European Union citizens who come to England to start a new life. It will also be placed on the Independent Polish web portal which provides visitors with information, forums, articles and chat rooms. The online community was established for and by Polish people who along with other immigrants for economic reasons arrived in Birmingham to start a new life. Those people often are very well qualified, but have only basic communication skills in English. Therefore they are unable to undertake tasks according to their qualifications which may lead them to a frustration. My game will give them the chance to take their frustration out, give a little bit of fun, make them laugh and possibly give the chance to virtually take their anger out on their bosses.

Market Research

I have done some initial research among the visitors of the Independent Polish web portal I asked them a number of question whether they would be willing to play the game or not. All of them said that they would at least try and they agreed that my project sounds like a good and fun idea. See appendices.

Similar products

A game where users can kill their boss for a number of different ways. The game may be consider as a bit violent. However, it definitely proves that there is a demand on such games.

  • Man Hunt (Funny Games)

    1. The target is to kill the boss and to eliminate all guards
    2. users can move around the scene
    3. users have to find a knife which then will use to kill guards and the boss
    4. users have to use shift key to move quietly if they do not want to wake up the guards
    5. users score points when kills

  • Shoot Your Boss Game

(PJ LightHouse)

1. Chinese game with a turret point which shoots in the direction of the mouse.

2. Great graphics.

3. Users kill supervisors which are situated all around the office.

  • Target Shooting Games (1888 Free Online

My technical objectives

1. Scrolling game background,

2. shooting objects,

3. scoring points,

4. levels,

5. sound- volume control,

6. variables

The main tutorial site which I use (Tutorialized)

Usability test

When I finish the product I will do the usability test among Polish people who live in Birmingham.


I have done my research verbally by informing my potential users what the game may look like as a finished product. I asked 25 people what they think about my idea and if they would be willing to play the game. 23 persons said it would be a good idea and 20 out of them agreed that they would at least try to play the game. Two persons said that the game may stir up aggression among the users towards their supervisors.


Developed proposal for my project


      I propose to design and produce a game in Flash which promotes healthy eating and balance diets to younger children as obesity in young children is a worrying subject in society and I want to highlight this issue. Jamie Oliver is a professional chef who campaigns against junk food in schools; his campaign is called School Dinners and has been very successful, making them healthier across the UK. Click on the link below for more information into this subject:                                                          

      Whilst researching on the internet for ideas to make a game based on healthy eating, I came across an interesting article about how packed lunches are falling behind on school dinners as the nutritional gap widens; this aided me to focus on making my game based on healthy packed lunches. Visit the link below to view this article:

Target audience

This game is aimed at young children. I believe young children will be more engaging into this subject via a game as it will be fun, interactive and challenging and will keep hold of their attention, encouraging them to eat healthy. I also aim to make my game available to those children who have a disability; by making objects accessible, including keyboard access and by being colour wise when designing the game

The aim of the Game

Users will have a variety of lunchboxes to choose from; this option makes the game more interactive. The selected lunchbox will then appear at the bottom of the screen where they will have to move the lunchbox side to side. A mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods will drop from the top of the screen; the user will have to catch the healthy foods into their lunchbox which will increase their score and avoid the unhealthy foods as this will decrease their score. There will be different levels to this game; users will only be able to move up a level if a certain score is made. Every time users move up a level, the amount of points they need to get will increase, as well as this the speed that the food drops will also increase. Therefore this game is as a challenge for the child so their attention will hopefully stay more focused when taking part.

Each level will drop down different categories of healthy food to educate the child so that when the child has completed the game, they will see what healthy foods they have collected and what needs to be included in order for them to have a balanced healthy diet. To understand fully into how many different screens I want this game to include and what order the game will be played in refer to the written document of this proposal to see appendix one for a storyboard. As well as this, to see what one of the main screens of the game will roughly look like you will also have to refer to the written document to see appendix two for a mock up.

A suitable market

I believe this game could be used at schools as they could get the children to learn about healthy eating and as an added activity they could try to complete this game. If this game was to be used in schools, I feel that it would start to solve the problem of unhealthy packed lunches.

Existing games

‘Snack Dash’ makes users guide a character through a school to collect healthy foods and avoid the junk food. This game is about speed as users try to get through to the leader board. This game is similar to mine as it is a challenge for the child to complete the game; however mine also educates the child about healthy eating in packed lunches. To view this game click on the link below:


‘A healthy lunchbox’ makes users drag food that they think is healthy onto a chopping board and at the end they see how successful they are. Although this game is promoting healthy packed lunches, my game aims to be more fun in order to entertain and educate the children. To view this game, click on the link below: 

Technical Objectives

I aim to show improvement in Flash by looking into different ways that the foods can drop from the top of the screen by researching into different types of movement such as random movement. I will also be understanding collision detecting as I will be using this for when the food will drop into the lunchbox or when it hits the bottom of the screen so it can disappear. As well as this I want to add a complex scoring system which is based on variables and I also want to include different levels. I aim to enhance on both my audio skills as I will try to add a volume controller and my animations as I hope to make them smoother. These different elements will hopefully improve my understanding into action script and make me more confident in Flash. Furthermore I aim to improve on my design skills to make this game look more professional.


I feel that if I manage my time successfully and research fully into trying to improve my Flash skills into the different areas I have mentioned above, I should produce a very successful project based on my aims. By making this game interactive, fun and challenging, children would be more likely to engage in this educational subject. Therefore I feel that if this game was to be used in schools it would be very successful in promoting healthy packed lunches.