Proposal (Dorota Jablonska)


For my second assignment I intend to create an interactive game in flash.

Project Outline and design

The game will have a turret point which shoots in the direction of the mouse. The turret point will shoot to the opponents which will go from top to bottom. To get to the next level users will have to shoot a sufficient number of the opponents. Users will start the game on the first level as a labour worker. If they shoot enough opponents they will get to the second level and they will get promotion for a senior worker.

Level 3- team leader

Level 4- supervisor

Level 5- trainee manager

Level 6- manager

Level 7- director

The game will take place in a work environment. As a background I will use various photos which present shots from a warehouse then I will create a scrolling background

Target Users

I intend to place the finish product on my on my final project website which will aim at European Union citizens who come to England to start a new life. It will also be placed on the Independent Polish web portal which provides visitors with information, forums, articles and chat rooms. The online community was established for and by Polish people who along with other immigrants for economic reasons arrived in Birmingham to start a new life. Those people often are very well qualified, but have only basic communication skills in English. Therefore they are unable to undertake tasks according to their qualifications which may lead them to a frustration. My game will give them the chance to take their frustration out, give a little bit of fun, make them laugh and possibly give the chance to virtually take their anger out on their bosses.

Market Research

I have done some initial research among the visitors of the Independent Polish web portal I asked them a number of question whether they would be willing to play the game or not. All of them said that they would at least try and they agreed that my project sounds like a good and fun idea. See appendices.

Similar products

A game where users can kill their boss for a number of different ways. The game may be consider as a bit violent. However, it definitely proves that there is a demand on such games.

  • Man Hunt (Funny Games)

    1. The target is to kill the boss and to eliminate all guards
    2. users can move around the scene
    3. users have to find a knife which then will use to kill guards and the boss
    4. users have to use shift key to move quietly if they do not want to wake up the guards
    5. users score points when kills

  • Shoot Your Boss Game

(PJ LightHouse)

1. Chinese game with a turret point which shoots in the direction of the mouse.

2. Great graphics.

3. Users kill supervisors which are situated all around the office.

  • Target Shooting Games (1888 Free Online

My technical objectives

1. Scrolling game background,

2. shooting objects,

3. scoring points,

4. levels,

5. sound- volume control,

6. variables

The main tutorial site which I use (Tutorialized)

Usability test

When I finish the product I will do the usability test among Polish people who live in Birmingham.


I have done my research verbally by informing my potential users what the game may look like as a finished product. I asked 25 people what they think about my idea and if they would be willing to play the game. 23 persons said it would be a good idea and 20 out of them agreed that they would at least try to play the game. Two persons said that the game may stir up aggression among the users towards their supervisors.




  1. i agree,great stuff.

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