Detailed Proposal

  • Aims

To design and create a website that features Video on Demand (Vod) and streaming video content of television programmes to respond to the current popularity of television online.

  • The Idea

I am proposing to produce a prototype website that takes advantage of the latest trend in television viewing, as it is moving away from tradition television sets and towards computers. This is occurring due to audiences desiring a greater control over their television viewing and to schedule programmes around their lives, not the other way around. I am focusing purely on television content as the marketplace for legal film downloads is stilled plagued by legal considerations.

  • “TV Heaven”

Although I will only be making a working prototype of this website, I have designed it in its entirety as a combination of the better features from competitors’ websites and unique features that I think will prove useful. The website will contain pre-recorded TV programmes and access to TV channels streamed online. This will be a mixture of free-to-view and pay content. There will be the ability to search for programmes available from other VoD websites so as to create an integrated website for the user. Overall, I wish to create a sense of community as is so greatly associated with television viewing. To establish this I will emplace a forum that is divided by TV genres, programmes and actors, the ability to post comments under a video and upload video responses. I will also provide detailed information on VoD and streaming media, as not all people are familiar with this technology.

  • Funding

To fund the maintenance and purchase of copyright to various television programmes I intend the website to be funded by a variety of means. Initially, revenue will be gained via programme sales. Secondly, throughout the various pages of the website users will come across advertisement banners sponsored by a search engine, Google for instance, flash advertisements and sponsored features. There will also be the ability for an entire series to be sponsored by a particular company and for adverts to be shown whilst the video is loading. In addition to this, at perhaps a later date, subscription may be a possibility to create ‘VIP members’ who will gain benefits such as money-off offers.

  • Applications

I intend to use Dreamweaver to create this website and Quicktime as my media player. I am using Dreamweaver as it is an application I have used previously and will be at ease creating a website with this programme. I have chosen Quicktime as it is a player that many users will have come across in the past as it is bundled with iTunes, a music player made popular by the corresponding portable mp3 music player, the iPod. It is also a format that is simplistic to use, has a stylish design and it will make it easier to reduce copyright theft as the application makes it difficult to save content by ‘right-clicking’.

  • Target Audience

My target audience will be anyone who wants to legally view high-quality television programmes over the internet. I cannot specify a particular age range or gender as I will be including a variety of television programmes targeted at the public as a whole. However, I believe that users would have to already be fairly competent with computers and the internet in order to know that it was possible to view television online.

  • Researching Competitors

There are many websites that you can use to watch television online however, many are link websites that take you to illegal content. In the UK there are very few places that distribute legal television programmes, and the majority of these involve downloading an application, such as BBC’s ‘iPlayer’. One website that is similar in nature to mine is MegaVideo.

This website has a clear design and easy tab system which helps the user find exactly what they want and has video content in numerous languages. It also features a ‘Premium’ membership which rewards members by allowing them to earn money through a rewards program, download original video files, and get advertising revenue with an Adbrite Publisher Account. However not all the video content on this website is legally obtained and the categories they use are extremely broad.
My website will have an advantage over MegaVideo by being a legal distributor, having clearly defined categories and assisting the fandom of programmes by creating a community.

  • Style and Design

The design of the website will reflect this simple mock-up, “TV Heaven” Mock-up (see Appendix 1).  It is a style that is similar to competitors’ websites but, the colour scheme will ensure the embedded media players are flawlessly merged into the website. Overall, the website will be simplistic in its look as users are more interested in the quality and variety of video content than a flamboyant website.


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