Rough Proposal

———–Summary of the Project:————

With the end of my student life nearing its end, this is my last chance to do sometime important while studying at Birmingham City University, and with this in mind for my production proposal (next semester) I wish to create a Virtual Community in which offers students the ability to upload their CV (portfolio of work and a advertise their personality) to the internet, the ability to communicate and discuss potential media enterprises, to find users who offer technical abilities required to fix or address a missing gap in a potential job (photographers, coders, graphic designers etc), job opportunity and company review forums (to tell others of their experience while at the company,) with the aim of advertising themselves to potential employers. This project next semester is a very large for just myself to produce, and with this in mind, for this Web and New Media module I proposal to create a simple mock up of what potentially the website would look like and function.

————– Objectives—————-

My main objectives within this project is to learn the coding language PHP combined with MySql, in order to aid me with my project next semester. As I have little knowledge of Apache, PHP and MySql before starting this module, I am requiring heavily on the skills learnt within this module for the project to work. Within this module I will be able to gain a larger insight into what is possible and what isn’t (With PHP and MySql), and use it as a springboard into the final development next semester.Within this module I wish to learn more about Web2.0, and the customisability that PHP websites have to offer, how to create a CMS system, looking at the creation of comment and internal email systems. As for my professional objectives I wish to understand whether a project of this scale needs help from alternative sources, whether loading times will be slow due to the vast amount of data available, and whether the maintenance and upkeep of the website will drain a lot of time. I already have skills in the area of HTML, CSS and Actionscript and therefore learning another program language will make myself more versatile when trying to gain a job in the future. This project should also give me a greater understanding of project and time management.

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