Detailed Proposal

Since presenting my draft proposal to the class, I have been able to deliberate on a number of factors which could be changed to benefit the functionality of my website. Reflecting on the response I received from my original proposal I now intend to simplify the content of the website for the purpose of my prototype, making the usability of the site clearer and easier to the users.

The Idea
I intend to create a prototype website which will contain miniature episodes constructed by one young budding television or film producer. Each week the producer will upload three alternative synopses onto the site that direct the storyline from the previous episode in different directions. The users will then vote for their preferred synopsis and the storyline with the highest vote will then be available to download the following week for a small fee. (See Appendix One for site map.) This website not only meets the typical needs of any Video on Demand user, by having the control of when they watch a programme, but also gives them advanced control of what they watch, consequently taking the majority of the control away from the broadcasters and into the hands of the user.

 The function of the website serves a double purpose. Firstly it enables new television/film makers to increase their production portfolio, in what is known to be a competitive industry. And secondly it offers increase control to the users where they can inform the producer of what they want to watch, giving the producer an insight into the needs of modern day audiences. 

Since researching the online television market, there only seems to be one primary competition which could pose a threat to the success of my website. This is “Bebo’s” “Kate Modern” (“Bebo” 2007, [online]) which offers Video on Demand services and user interaction such as sending the actors messages, help them solve puzzles, and participate in the story. “Bebo’s” interactive service is a dangerous threat to my site however, I want the focus to be as much on the television producer as well as the users interactivity therefore a page will be dedicated to the producer which will include a personal portfolio and contact details. This will give the opportunity to any media professional to contact the producer from the site if he/she is impressed with their work. 

One obvious competition would be from the television industry/broadcasters however the new services of online television have said to “…offer a theoretical threat both to the revenues of pay TV broadcasters and operators and to the DVD rental/retail model.” (“Cable Satellite” 2007, [online] )According to “Informa; the market for online downloads of TV programmes and films is expected to be worth $6,3 billion by 2012”. (“Cable Satellite” 2007, [online]) If this is the case, television broadcasters cause little threat to the online Video on Demand market. 

I intend my target audience to consist of both male and females aged over eighteen years old. They do not necessarily need to be technically advanced but need to be engaged enough to be aware of the availability and accessibility of television online.   

Users will be charged £1.99 per episode they choose to stream online. Voting will be free. Producers will subscribe for a monthly fee of £5 to showcase their work. 

The website will be created within “Dreamweaver” as I have had previous experience using this application and will feel confident when implementing my design. I will be using an embedded video file, with Windows Media Player being the file format. The video file will be incorporated into the website in a sophisticated manner. 

The look and feel of my website needs to appeal to my young audience of 18+ therefore I intend to create a fresh modern site to attract both genders. It will have to quirky and creative to highlight the originality of the services the site has to offer.

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