Draft Proposal

Idea: I intend to create an interactive website for young budding television and film makers who can showcase ongoing miniature programmes online. Users of the site will be able to access their desired programmes on demand for a small fee. Not only will users be able to view the programmes when they want, they will be able to interact and alter the producers storyline day-by-day to create their own miniature versions of the programme. After each small episode the user will be given a number of options as to how the storyline unfolds (one which will include “producers choice”). They will then be able to create their own individual versions of the storyline and save the personalised programme in their own user folder on the site. Users will be then be able to view each others versions of a particular programmes for an additional small fee and have the opportunity to interact with one another. 

Aims: The sites aim is to create awareness of new talent and giving media professional the opportunity to contact a particular producer if they are impressed with their work whilst meeting the interactive needs of users and market growth in Video on Demand. 

Audience: Male and Females 18+ 

Technology: The programmes will be streamed through an embedded video file in the format of Windows Media Player. 

Revenue: Users will be charged £1.99 per episode they stream online. Producers will subscribe for a monthly fee of £5 to showcase their work.           

Objectives Achieved? I believe my objectives which were stated in week one have been met through my idea for online Video on Demand. My idea uses the system of Video on Demand in an innovative way to serve a different purpose than it has ever done before as it focuses as much on the producers work as it does the users interactivity. The site has been structured to integrate Video on Demand into my prototype in a simple yet sophisticated manner through the use of embedded video files which was explored in week fours blog. It also meets the growing demand for online television which is “set to give the television industry quite a shock”. (“Cable Satellite” 2007, [online])

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