Inspiring Websites

(Http:// The redesign of last fm doesn’t include the switch button that changes the navigation and the heading text to black. I think this design would work well as there is limited colour, and so when audiences upload their work, there wouldn’t be a huge contrast or mess in colours and design. I like the navigation, as it is a standard tab layout like that of,, and


(Http:// Myspace’s new home skin replicates a design similar to that of Last fm and Facebook, offering users a layout that is becoming more universal with web2.0 (customisable) websites.


( Facebook has become a generic website in its blog like structure. It has a very busy interface, in which I feel is too cluttered.


(Http://  Purevolume is an inspiring website, because I like the layout of the website, as well as the design aspect of it. The website contains a lot of information on bands yet the minimalist look works well (compared to that of facebook and myspace).

( Design is the biggest competing website, however I feel the design aspect of the website is terrible. It has too many colours, combined with far to much to look at, making the website look unappealing to audiences.


(Http:// Jobcenterplus is another competing website in which the design aspect I feel could scare away student clients. Its colours creates a few accessibility issues with colour blindness, and the website as a whole looks uninteresting and unappealing to students within the arts industries.



(Appendix1- Windows Vista)
(Appendix1 – Windows Media Player 11 default skin)  
(Appendix 1Http:// website)

(Appendix 1) These are the design inspirations as mentioned in the proposal. All these designs are popular at the moment in the design industry. Web2.0 as mentioned however focus’s on minimal interfaces (as in the graphic design aspect and not how much information they can fit within a page), which I feel works well for CMS systems, but it also needs to include some style and look to attract artistic individuals to join the website.



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