Intro to VOD

Video on Demand is a system which allows users to access video media when they want. Video on Demand can be streamed online where there is an unlimited choice of content for users to view. The key selling points of Video on Demand services are convenience and choice. “The viewer is able to access what they want, when they want it without having to move from their armchair.” (“Point Topic”, 2007 [online]) The growth in the system has changed “many aspects of public media such as programme making and advertising” (Rajapaskshe, Harindra and Derek Paul Quek, 1995, [online]) as it has taken the control away from the broadcasters and into the hands of the consumer. It has added a new meaning to the home entertainment posing a threat to DVD rental retailers. Rajapakshe and Quek highlight some of the key areas of today’s Video on Demand related applications as being; ·         Providing Video Films on Demand ·         Local News and Weather Forecasting ·         Games, Music and Leisure ·         Education and Remote Learning Facilities ·         Home Shopping and Other Consumer Services ·         Banking Standard features of Video on Demand include play, pause, virtual fast forward and rewind and skip giving the user complete control over how they watch their desired programme.


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