Developed proposal for project

 Since presenting my draft proposal ideas to the class, I realise that my flash cube would not necessarily be best suited for a website, however, it would be extremely effective to go on a CD business card as it will be a simple, quick and easy way to view an example of my work. This also means I can concentrate making the cube in flash, without bringing in PHP into the coding.

My main objective is to produce a cube that the user can control and turn to view all 6 faces. Each face of the cube will have a picture on it. The pictures will actually be still movie clips, so that when the viewer clicks on the image an audio will play that explains the meaning behind the picture they see on the screen. This is a very innovative way of presenting images in a photography portfolio, usually photographers show a slideshow of images which has become standard, and actually very boring.

The target audience of this cube will be my clients and/or prospective employers. Of course if I were applying for a job I would present more images, but this project will be an excellent example of my flash skills. Prospective customers will be handed this on a CD business card, so it must be extremely easy to use, simplistic in design and fast to work.

To understand the standards in the industry I have been viewing other people’s websites and seeing how their portfolios are presented, some examples of these being:-,,,,,,,, Looking at these, I see most photographers present their work in very similar ways, after searching for four hours, I did not find a photographer that used a cube to present their work. I think it fills a gap in the market and will bring photographers, (who often seem behind with the times when it comes to the web) up to speed with other professions.This will be a very challenging project for me as I only have a small amount of experience in Flash and this will be very advanced. I have bought books on how to use he programme for more advanced tasks and will make the most use possible out of the tutorials I found on the internet.

I think this project will be very useful for me to learn Flash in more depth and it vill be very rewarding if I manage it bug free!The cube will be an excellent way to show off my flash skills as well as my images on my business card.

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