Commencing my Product

To aid me with my project management I have carried out a number of exercises including a SWOT and PEST analysis and I have constructed a Gantt chart to aid me with my time management. which can be found at:

Below I have carried out a SMART analysis:

1.      Specific – Objectives

·        I want to create a game in Flash that is suitable for the target audience (youngsters).

·        I want it to be entertaining as well as educational.

·        It should positively contribute to the Cheltenham community by encouraging littering prevention.

·        It should demonstrate any new Flash skills that I have acquired and reflect my overall ability.

·        The game should technically function correctly.

·        The overall design should look professional and should be of a high standard.

·        Meet the deadline.

2.      Measurable – Measure whether you are meeting the objectives or not.

·        I will create a time table to ensure that I meet specific targets.

·        Usability testing will reflect whether it suits the target audience and if it works correctly.

3.      Attainable – Are the objectives achievable?

I believe my objectives are achievable as I already know the basics of Flash and I should be able to learn the rest via books and tutorials.

4. Realistic – Can you realistically achieve the objectives with the resources you have?

I have the correct software including Flash MX and Photoshop which will aid me in the products creation. I will be able to research facts and figures on the Internet.

5. Time

The product deadline is 18th January; therefore I will construct a time table to ensure that I meet specific targets by certain dates.  



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