Project Management Exercises

Link: My Gantt Chart

In order to manage my project efficiently, I have carried out a number of exercises specifically designed for project management. Firstly, I have created a Gantt chart online for my project via the following website: 

I have attached my personal project Gantt chart as a word document onto this posting (See link at top). The chart clearly outlines the tasks needed to be carried out, and to what time scale I should ideally accomplished these within.

The second exercise I have carried out on my project is a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) based on both internal (my personal abilities) and external (other/outside) factors that both favour and threaten the successfull completion of my project.


Internal –

  • I have knowledge on the wider context of my idea (I.e. How Facebook works, what is needed to develop an application for Facebook etc)
  • I have knowledge on creating successful designs and layouts (through previous  and current design based modules)
  • I have knowledge on the technology and skills involved (through previous and current production modules)

External –

  • Facebook is an extremely popular (and growing) site to develop for.
  • There is a necessity for such an application (previously conducted market research provides evidence of this)


Internal –

  • Difficult new skills are required to be learnt, understood and developed efficiently
  • Executing such skills may be challenging on a personal level

External –

  • Competition amongst other Facebook developers and applications is high.
  • My proposed application initially targets a niche user group, and would need to be made more flexible in order to become more popular.


Internal –

  • The application could become impressive portfolio material.
  • The application would be evidence of my design and technical abilities.
  • The application could be the main influence behind me obtaining a job within a web and new media company in the coming months.
  • The application could attract attention towards me as a developer, and furthermore, provide me with work.

External –

  • The application can reach a global market, promoting me and my work on a global scale.
  • The application helps other web designers in securing more work.


Internal –

  • Not understanding the technology fully, resulting in technical difficulties and/or unsuccessfull completion of the application.
  • Not managing my time well, threatening the quality and even completion of the project altogether.

External –

  • Another developer creating a similar application before me.
  • Software Problems (I.E. PHP etc)

The final exercise I have conducted as part of my project management is a PEST analysis. PEST analyses Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors that surround a project, and below I have applied them to my own.

Political – Plagiarism & Copyright; These are two issues concerning my project which need to be taken into account. Both relatively similar, outline how the application I am creating must be that of my own work, ranging from the idea itself to the scripting behind the application.

Economical – This element I am abit unsure on, however how I see it as applying to my project is through the money that could be made from deploying such work. 

Social – Undoubtedly the project has relevance towards the importance that social networking sites such as Facebook have with people in today’s society. What’s more, it could potentially provide me with more career opportunites if completed successfully.

Technology –  PHP is regarded as the future for all things web and new media, so hopefully my project therefore can be deemed both contemporary and advanced, and will fit in adequately with similar content already avilable online to date.

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