Project Management

By completing a number of project management tasks I am able to see that the game in Flash that I am hoping to complete as a prototype is able to be a successful project.  

Below are my SMART objectives: 


My game is aimed at a particular target audience which is children. Therefore I aim to make my game entertaining and fun to play which would keep children focused and at the same time it will also educate them. I will also make the game easy to understand and have a rather simplistic yet colourful design to not confuse the children. 

 I have a specific order that I want my game to be played, so I will follow my guidelines for this when creating it. This can be seen in the blog named Developed proposal for my project; under the section aim of the game.  

I have a specific number of skills that I want to improve on in Flash which can be found in the same blog I mentioned above but under the Technical objectives section. Therefore I will be trying to show that my skills have improved through my prototype. 


I have produced a Gantt chart which can be found on the link below:  This shows that my project is measurable, however I might not be able to complete all the activities shown due to the short amount of time I have, however I will be trying my best to stick to this time table. If I complete these activities in a quicker amount of time I aim to add two more levels. 


As I already have produced two games in Flash prior to this project, I know that I can physically complete this project. However as I am trying to improve on my skills I will need to use some guidance as to how certain elements will be completed, for this I can use a number of Flash Tutorials which can be found on the internet.


My project is realistic as I feel that if I created this game to be an activity that children could take part with in schools, then they would be educated about healthy eating in packed lunches through an interactive and fun game. 


See above the Gantt chart I have produced to show that I have produced myself a time table to try and stick to in order to create a successful prototype. If I manage my time successfully I feel that I could hopefully do this.  


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