Standing On The Shoulders of Giants Vs Plagiarism…

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’ – Isaac Newton, 1676 

– Referring to how we can develop and build our knowledge and skills through taking inspiration and learning from others –

In last week’s lecture we talked about plagiarism and how it affects web and new media production.

In the workshop we were asked to find something of use to our project or something we could use to further the project and/or our skills…this could include: ‘A script (PHP), a source code (Flash), or a website made in a certain way’ for example.

Something that I have already identified as useful to my project is the Facebook application, ‘MySpace Link.’

In my proposal I outlined a similar project that took inspiration from this particular application, but served a different purpose and was developed more. (One example of this is how I proposed to possibly introduce ‘skins’ to my application)

In doing this I hope that my work can be seen as ‘standing on the shoulders of giants,’ in this case Patrick Shyu – an established web developer – rather than as plagiarism, otherwise I could have just copied the ‘MySpace link’ idea and perhaps just changed the name for instance. What’s more I will have to learn and exercise all of the coding myself because this is not accessible through Facebook.  

However when looking on Facebook there are lots of replica applications, so I still feel the boundry between plagiarism and ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ is hard to distinguish in web and new media production.


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