Plagiarism is a serious offence whether in a university, school or workplace and is the claiming of other people’s work as your own, deliberately or unintentionally. This can result in all your work being evaluated and if the case against you is serious, you may be kicked off your university course and be unable to reapply to any other university.
Reasons for committing plagiarism may be: lack of research skills, problems evaluating internet sources as public knowledge, confusion about paraphrasing or how to correctly reference/cite sources, poor time management or being unaware of what is plagiarism.

I have long been taught that I need to reference quotes, books, films and journals that I use in my essays and reports but, when it comes to practical work, the rules seem slightly murky and confusing. This is why I intend to make notes on where all my research has come from, include xhtml/html code and smil code. Although the code I will be using is fairly standardised, it is still not my own work and therefore can be seen as plagiarism. My notes will include the code I have found, the website url, the author, the date I found this information and my own take on the information found, reducing any risk of being charged with plagiarism.


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