Plagarism and understanding code

Plagarism has been spoken about a great deal by teachers and lecturers extremely seriously since school, through college and in university. It is obvious that it is an extremely hot problem. Plagarism can be a tricky domain in web design as you learn from looking at other peoples codes and developing their ideas- what counts as plagarism in thihs subject? There is a simple answer to this, anyone can copy code; we need to understand the ideas and principles behind it, if we understand it we can develop a new code that does a similar thing using several different sources to produce what we want. I have found several useful pieces of code and here I am deconstructing it to understand what it means and whit it is doing: –
Function skewObj(obj object y scale ,mcW movie clip width , mcH movie clip height P+O, pt1, pt2 refrence points
Function distance (pt1,pt2){
Var dy variable distance= pt2.y – pt1.y; The distance when you change movie clip y
Var dy = pt2.x – pt1.x; The distance when you change movie clip x
Var side variable side = math sqrt square root (dy*dy+dx *dx)
Return side;
This code is basically telling the images to follow Pythagoras’ theorem- when you change one side, the other sides change proportionally with it so that when the cube changes the images on it skew appropriately. So the 2D images are in proportion and turn with the ‘cube’ to make it appear 3D

The theorem applied to my project is basically saying *obj._yscale (which never changes) of object at the time divided by clip) ._xscale xscale + yscale relative to how its been rotated- changes as to how the ‘cube’ is rotated.

This shows that I understand the code I am using.
Plagiarism is passing off someone else’s code as your own. I need to take the principles behind the code and make a code that works in a similar way, understanding the principles behind the idea and code I use.
I will keep a record of resources I use and reference anything I use in my assignment by keeping a logbook of code with annotations to show I understand code I am using and researching.


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