Project Management and Problem Solving

If my project is to be successful I need to plan it and my time carefully and appropriately.

First I need to define my project: –
Time- very important. I can organise this using a Gantt chart, I can also use SMART objective, risk matrix and SWOT analysis to organise my project and time.
Scope- I know what the limits are with this project- directly linked to time. My main constraint will be time, it is a challenging assignment I have set myself following the guidelines of the brief set for us. I hope that this project will be on my CD business card portfolio, acting as a PR strategy, which will hopefully increase my revenue as a freelance photographer.
Cost- Nothing, just my time and my images.

Project Management consists of: –
A brief- what I intend to do- create a 3D cube to show off 6 of my images
Setting Objectives- how I intend to do it- I will plan my project using a Gantt chart. I plan to get all my research done by 15th December and create the project in Flash over Christmas.
Risk Assessment- what could go wrong, I need to allow time to sort anything that might go wrong out. I have considered the Risk Matrix to find out how much risk I am taking. I have found that is possible that something may go wrong, however consequences are marginal, so my risk is moderate. I am willing to accept this risk and allow enough time to sort it out.
Resource assessment – do I have everything I need?- I have all the resources I need- tutorial sites, other information online and in books. I have images to use and the programme I need (Flash) to build the cube, as well as enough time.
Task allocation- all tasks will be allocated to me, I will follow the Gantt chart to make sure I have enough time.
Progress reporting- Keep track of progress- I will keep a record alongside my Gantt chart to ensure I am on target. If I fall behind I will make sure I catch up and if I am ahead of target I will keep going at that speed.
Quality assessment- does it do what the client wants? I must TEST IT! If it could be better I must adapt it. I must therefore allow extra time for this.

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  1. Good posting showing that you consider this piece of work as a project. One thing you may want to think about is who are your stakeholders? My company (Project Agency) has carried out research that points to a better delivery of a project if stakeholders are identified and managed.

    If you want a stakeholder template go to – there are a lot of templates in the pack. Email me if you want further support:

    I hope it helps you and good luck with the project

    Ron Rosenhead
    Project Agency –

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