More detail of what i need to complete for my project

I aim to stick to my Gannt chart in order to complete my project within the givin time. However i am going to list below in more deatail what needs to be done to my project:

  • Design more images of healthy and unhealthy foods so that i can start to make more of them fall randomly from the top of the screen along the x axis, then drop them down along the y axis.
  • Work out how to make the food disappear when it hits the bottom of the screen or lunchbox by using collision detecting.
  • Once i have figured the above section out i can add a scoring system so that everytime the healthy foods falls into the lunchbox, it will incease the users score by 5 and everytime the unhealthy foods falls into the lunchbox their score will detuct by 5, however the score will go no lower than 0.
  • I will neeed to make an introduction screen and also a final screen. I am however leaving these till the end as the above points are more important for me to complete at the moment. They will allow me to understand how i put one level of the game together which will then help me when making more levels.
  • As well as this, through the project i wish to try and make my design of the game look more professional.
  • If i have enough time nearer to the end of the project i aim to put a better background on each of the levels, and also maybe include some sound and a volume controller; which would hopefully have a slider so the user can decide how loud they want the sound to be.

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