Targets to reach (my gantt chart summarised)

By week 8-

Research other sources and ways to do what I want to do in flash. Start to research the code I need to do what I want to do.

By week 9-

Continue to research code, find lots of different ways that people construct code to do the tasks I need. Use ideas from all these and start to write my own code which does what I want the best possible way.

Create the button that will be used as a joystick to move the image (with my personal logo on it). There must be two versions, so I can create a rollover.

By week 10-

Start writing my code in flash and making the project come to life.

(Be sure to make notes on my code so that it can be seen that I understand what I am doing)

By week 11-

Work extremely hard to get the project completed.

By week 12-

Product testing. Make sure it is easy to use and bug free. Do people think the images are suitable? Test on photographers (potential employers) as well as people who are in the target market as potential clients- these are the people that will be using my ‘cube portfolio’ when it is produced.

If there are any problems, fix them.

Write my project up and hand it in

(I will need to hand in my project early as I will be out of the country doing my production project when the assignment is due in)

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