Conclusion/ Summary

I am coming to the end of my project. I have carried out user testing on a  variety of representative users and asked them to do the representative tasks- move the cube around and move the picture on the face of the cube around. I realised that my instructions on how to use the cube were not detailed enough. I changed this minor fault and then tested it again and people had no trouble operating it.I have taken into consideration screen resolution, colour and fonts. It is not designed for the internet, so browsers etc are not an issue. Once I had changed the instructions learnability, efficiency, memorability and usability were all brilliant- I have designed it to be very simple and easy to use and it is. Very few errors were made and people were satisfied with the way it looked and worked.

The project demonstrates my ability to use Flash even though I am a photographer, and this is designed to be used on my Photography freelance business card CD. Not only does it show off my images, but it also shows that I am innovative and think ‘outside the box’ by finding a different way to present my images unlike many other photographers. It also demonstrates that I am able to work software that is not considered part of the ‘Photographer’s toolbox’. This is appealing to a full-time employer who needs a photographer, but who may want these skills now and agian- it would save him from hiring  a freelancer to do tasks like this.

Further ideas for development-

I did originally plan to have audio to talk about each picture but did not have enough time- this would be the first aspect I would develop. I could also deveop the cube into a ‘rubic’ cube game, where instead flat colour there is a picture on each side.

I have enjoyed this project and most problems I have overcome without too much hastle using some of the techniques mentioned throughout my posts.

I think this cube will be very useful to have on my CD business cards and improve my CV a great deal.


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